Economically Valuable Skills

Do not go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing – it was here first. Mark Twain, great American novelist.

If you want to improve your value as a businessperson, focus on improving skills directly related to the Five Parts of Every Business.

Not every skill or area of knowledge is Economically Valuable, and that is okay – there are many things worth pursuing for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment alone.  You may enjoy whitewater rafting, but it is very unlikely anyone will pay you to shoot the rapids unless you apply your skills for the benefit of others. Make the leap from personal enjoyment to Products and Services (discussed later), however, and you will find yourself getting paid – plenty of adventurous souls are willing to pay for rafting equipment and guides.

As Michael Masterson suggests in Ready, Fire, Aim, do not expect skills that are not related to the Five Parts of Every Business to be economically rewarded. Find a way to use them to create Economic Value, and you will inevitably find a way to get paid.

Any skill or knowledge that helps you create value, sell, deliver value, or manage finances is Economically Valuable – accordingly, these are the topics we will discuss in this book.

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