Value creation

Make something people want … There is nothing more valuable than an unmet need that is just becoming fixable. If you find something broken that you can fix for a lot of people, you have found a gold mine.  – Paul Graham, founder of y combinator, venture capitalist, and essayist at

Every successful business creates something of value. The world is full of opportunities to make other people’s lives better in some way, and your job as a businessperson is to identify things that people do not have enough of, then find a way to provide them.

The value you create can take on one of several different forms, but the purpose is always the same: to make someone else’s life a little bit better. Without value creation, a business can not exist – you can not transact with others unless you have something valuable to trade.

The best businesses in the world are the ones that create the most value for other people. Some businesses thrive by providing a little value to many, and others focus on providing a lot of value to only a few people. Regardless, the more real value you create for other people, the better your business will be and the more prosperous you will become.

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Każdy brytyjczyk ma poważną wadę wymowy

Przyszło mi do głowy, że z punktu widzenia polskiego logopedy każdy brytyjczyk ma poważną wadę wymowy. My zaś, uczący się angielskiego, musimy w jakiś sposób się tej wady nauczyć.

Jako, że po angielsku mówię nieźle pomyślałem, że podzielę się małą sugestią, która mi pomogła na etapie uczenia się owej wady wymowy: uspokój swój język; niech sobie leży grzecznie na dole. Zacznij nim poruszać dopiero wtedy gdy będziesz dobrze wiedzieć dlaczego masz to zrobić (np. żeby prawidłowo powiedzieć *The*).

The smart way which helped me to be a better problem solver

Some years ago my employer back then graciously funded me a training called Resolve provided by Kepner Tregoe. It helped me a lot not only when solving issues but also when talking about it to people I reported to.

The official site is here, but you can also have a taste of the process by reading the independent article there:

The official site is here but you can also have a taste of the process by reading the independent article there:

Kepner-Tregoe Problem Analysis